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110 Walm lane

ite toImportant that people write to put their views about the new  appeal for 18/4675 and 18/4701) which the Council rejected in June. Deadline of 8 October to write to the Inspector at  Holly.dutton@planninginspectorate.go.uk ref APP/T5150/W/19/3235495 or APP/T5150/W/19/3235496 refers to original application Appeal 18/4675 and 18/4701).

Reasons for Brent refusal + Gerry Weston submission to last enquiry


28 Aug - 3 Sept 2019.  Government Inspector held a public enquiry into the previous scheme


19 June 2019.

Brent Planning Committee rejected the two new applic ations 18/4675 and 18/4671. despite recommendation from Brent Officer’s for approval for scheme B. The main objections raised were the mass of the building inappropriate for the conservation area, carbon dioxide emissions, parking and transport infrastructure..



22 March 2015. The Government Inspector has dismissed the appeal by the developers. So the current building (and Queensbury pub and childrens events) stays. Inspector's written judgement.


Planning enquiry was held Tuesday 27th Jan to Feb 3rd at Brent Civic Centre Wembley.


Brent Planning Committee rejected the application at the meeting on Wed 12th March 2014; despite recommendation from Brent Officer’s for approval. The main objections raised were the height of the building, the amount of community space which would be provided, the lack of affordable housing in the scheme and the loss of a community asset.


Link to Brent Council appn

Link to "Save the Queensbury"



MapRA have written to the Council summarising views received from members. Latest commitment from developers


Email from Fairview developers:

On 14 Feb 2014, at 10:37, <Mark.Jackson@fairview.co.uk> wrote:

Dear Sheelagh,

110 Walm Lane, Willesden Green

At our recent meeting I undertook to send you an update on the proposals to help you in sending a note around MapRA’s members. I hope that the following is of help. I have waited to ensure the update for your members represents the current situation.

In brief, we have been working with the owners of the Queensbury pub on our revised planning application to ensure that the existing uses can continue in the new scheme, if planning permission is given. Our joint intention is that, in what our tenants call The Queensbury II, the pub’s existing clientèle will still be able to drink and eat in the new scheme in exactly the same way that they do at the moment.

If I may indulge in some planning ‘use classes’ we will be creating, on the ground floor, part-A4 (for The Queensbury II) and part-D1 (for Busy Rascals and the other local groups) which replicate uses that take place in the Queensbury at the moment.

The new D1 flexible space, which will accommodate Busy Rascals’ needs, will be operated by The Queensbury in conjunction with the main A4 use and will enable them to return to the new Queensbury with the same times as now. As before, Busy Rascals will enjoy free use of the facility at agreed times. During the construction period Fairview/Queensbury will make arrangements for Busy Rascals to be accommodated in a suitable local venue at no cost to them to ensure the community use can continue.

Since the last planning application was withdrawn, Fairview has completed a public consultation exercise to listen to the community and adapt our proposals accordingly. We have listened and now have a very good understanding of what the community want. We believe the current proposals, which include a replacement licensed premises and ancillary community space, have made a high quality scheme significantly better. We now recognise that a licensed premises in this important location is valued by the community and should be replaced in any redevelopment. 

I hope that this helps but do let me know if you need any further information or have any comments.

Yours sincerely


Mark Jackson BA (Hons) Dip UPS (Dist) MA.UD MRTPI

Fairview Estates (Housing) Ltd

50 Lancaster Road, Enfield,

Middlesex EN2 0BY

Tel: 020 8366 1271

Mob: 07973 257437

Email: Mark.Jackson@fairview.co.uk