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MapRA AGM 2019. Wednesday 15 May from 7pm St Gabrielís Church.

Attended by 99 members of MapRA plus 33 visitors (Council Officials, representatives of the church, local charities and other visitors)

Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council, presented Brentís plan for the medium term future and then responded to questions. Cllr Butt remained at the meeting throughout and contributed at times throughout the evening as appropriate.

MapRA Chair, David Freedman, thanked Sarah Broadbent the church manager and her team for the use once again of the church and wished Rev Jane Morris well in her retirement. He also paid tribute to the many people who keep MapRA and clubs running:  

  • Eric Cliff, Robert Afia, Blair thorp, Jacqui Pelham and peter Chambers who carry out the work of scutinising planning applications and making representation to Council on our behalf.
  • Jim Coakes for he leadership of gardens and Open Gardens group and the successful theatre group
  • Teresa Solomon for co-leading the gardening group and the organising of the Open Gardens Day
  • John Mann for running Bridge club and walking groups
  • Anne Aiken and Jenny Thomas for convening the two book clubs
  • Gerry Weston for leading the fruit harvesting and pruning groups
  • Susie Songhurst for setting up a film going group
  • the stall-holders, Council officers, local organisation for giving up their time to attend this evening
  • People who donated refreshments and all those helping.
  • Judy Langley for collecting monies from film companies
  • Our three Mapesbury councillors for their care and many positive contributions to Mapesbury; Cllrs Lia Colacicco, Tariq Dar and Ahmad Shahzad.

David invited new people to join the MapRA main committee; envisaged that try it out for couple of meetings. Pleased to see there were 3 new members nominated for committee.

Jacob Sam presented the Treasurer's report. Income was 38% higher due largely to increased film donations. Costs increased by £300 because of the expenditure on the environment meeting. Grants were made to sponsor a Cricklewood sheep, to Mapesbury Dell for permanent lighting and to the Gardens group to defray speaker expeses The deficit was £102 for the year and net assets now £101 lower at £5,792.

A question was raised about why did MapRA keep such a large balance; it should be used for community project. In answer David Freedman stated that we were keen to spend money of projects that benefitted the community but we had to exercise proper care as this was membersí money. David welcomes suggestions from members.

Election of Officers. The chair, Treasurer and Organising secretary were elected unopposed.

  • Chair:                      David Freedman
  • Organising Secretary: Gerry Weston
  • Treasurer:                Jacob Sam  

Election of Committee. The existing committee were re-elected with the addition of Peter Chambers, Steve Iliffe and Jan Knight  See link to full committee

In the unavoidable absence of speaker from local police, the meeting was thrown open to anyone with issues to raise. Several suggestions were made to contribute to the Brent Borough of Culture 2020; celebrating local notables in some way; music and dance involving especially young people. Several people raised the issue of 110 Walm lane

Before and after the AGM and discussion, members and guest visited stalls staffed by Brent Council; MapRA and other organisations: Link to Stalls

Brent will be the 2020 Borough of Culture and we welcome suggestions from members as to how Mapesbury can contribute to this event.