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 MapRA AGM 2019 stalls.

                    (Wednesday 15 May at St Gabrielís Church. )


MapRA stalls:                                                  

Reception                                                 Liz Freedman, Cllr Tariq Dar


MapRA Membership Desk                          Nathan Frank; Teresa Solomon

Refreshments                                            Maggie Chambers, Anne Lane

Drinks                                                       Jacqui Graham; David Gee

Brent Council stalls:

Highways / Infrastructure                             Tony Kennedy

Parking & Lighting                                      Tony Wild

Planning & Regeneration                             Mark Price, Lawrence Usherwood

Recycling  / Environment                             Raakesh Shah

Community Protection                                 Noah Okunromade

Street Trees                                               Gary Rimmer                               


Other Community Stalls:

St Gabriel's Church                                     Sarah Broadbent

Cricklewood Library                                     Sally Long, Sonja Nerdrum

Cricklewood Town Team/NW2 res                Danny Maher, Marie Hancock

W.G. Town Team                                       Elayne Coakes; Deborah Mahs

Friends of the Earth                                    Liz Lindsay

Willesden Harvesters                                  Caty Delmont

NW2 Residents                                          Ben Tansley

MapRA Garden Club  OGD                          Sandra Westrbrook; Jum Coakes

Advice for Renters                                       Diana Young

Brent Cyclists                                            Sylvia Gutherau