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Blenheim Gardens Greening project


After                                                     Before


The project which last summer transformed the bare soil round street trees in Blenheim Gardens is continuing.  In the autumn volunteers added 2,500 bulbs, from snowdrops and jonquils to bluebells and tulips, to the tree pits. Their efforts have paid dividends, and the street is suddenly full of colour. Many thanks to Claudia, Mary and the rest of the green-fingered team. 

The beautification of Blenheim Gardens is progressing, thanks a team of volunteers led by Claudia Kerner and Mary Alpert. All summer the streetís tree pits have been filled with colourful plants which have brightened the day of passers-by.

Inspired by footpath improvements carried out by Brent Council in Blenheim Gardens in late 2010, local residents got together, in agreement with the Council to enhance this tree-lined street still further by creating tree-pit gardens.


To improve the local quality of life by:

  •      Enhancing the appearance of Blenheim Gardens for residents and all who pass along the street

  •      Strengthening the local community through increasing social interaction and community spirit

  •      Improving biodiversity and environmental sustainability in a road where many of the front gardens are used primarily for vehicle parking

  •      Increasing local gardening skills and knowledge about environmental issues

  •      Providing opportunities for all ages to participate in a healthy outdoor activity