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Cricklewood Town Team

(previously Cricklewood Improvement Programme)


Cricklewood Town Centre newsletter


Cricklewood in the news.

In Metro of Friday 5th July 2013. Link (1 meg)


Cricklewood Winterfest. 24 November 2012

It may have rained pretty steadily most of the time. But some people managed to enjoy themselves: Picture


Congratulations to all who braved the elements; Stall holders; Musicians, Organisers; people setting up and clearing down


Cricklewood cleanup

In response to the feedback from traders and residents of the Broadway, the Cricklewood Improvement Programme is targeting the whole issue of rubbish and plan to clean up the area. A deep clean of the Broadway has been undertaken by the 3 boroughs with varying degrees of success. 

As a result, the newly established team, Green Cricklewood group at CIP, have  developed a Community Engagement plan to increase participation in the clean-up of the Cricklewood Broadway area.  The plan for the first quarter of 2012 is for Green Cricklewood to sign up to Love Where You Live (Keep Britain Tidy) which is based on 6 key principles for improvement of litter in the community.  LWYL aims to inspire, encourage and enable us to make where we live the kind of place we really want to be.  The plan includes engagement of local schools, businesses, traders and resident volunteers of all ages in our community.  The campaign is run by volunteers from Cricklewood Improvement Programme.  Funding of £1000 has been received from the P & G Capital Clean Up via the Mayor of London’s office.

To date the following has been planned:

  • 1)  Cricklewood Broadway and named streets to be cleaned up

  •      The Probation Service and local residents

  • 2)  Whole school week of events , art/design competition on litter, School Assembly led by GCC Child’s Hill Primary School, Off Cricklewood Lane

  • 3)  Banners supporting Greener Cleaner Cricklewood; Tesco

  • 4)  Anti-Litter Art/Design competition posters on display

  •      McDonalds

  • 5)  Leaflets distributed to local residents promoting Love Where You Live

  • 6)  Letters to all traders promoting a Greener Cleaner Cricklewood

  • 7)  B & Q staff cleaning the green area on Cricklewood Lane

8)  Crown Moran Hotel hosting the refreshments – Clean Up meeting point 11am at the hotel

The Cricklewood Improvement Programme (CIP) was set up in 2010 in response to concerns from residents and traders over the difficulties of getting their views heard with the three London Boroughs that ‘meet’ on the Broadway.  Since this time, CIP has worked with  Brent, Barnet and Camden Councils to

respond to these concerns with some notable successes.  http://www.cricklewood.net

CIP has recently been awarded funding from the Mayor’s Outer London Fund to regenerate the community both commercially and socially.

For more information please contact:
Shirley Wilson

Greener Cleaner Cricklewood


Prostitute cards in Phone boxes

We are concerned about the unpleasant prostitute cards in the telephone boxes on the Broadway.  We would really appreciate your help with coordinated action.  Please phone or email BT or Spectrum (whio own 4 of the boxes) or asking them to remove the cards, clean the kiosks and even remove some of the boxes? 

Tel.         0800 661 610, press option 1. Or Email: customer.serv.payphones@bt.com.

Spectrum     Email:  Corinna.calder@spectruminteractive.co.uk,


There are 16 telephone boxes on the Broadway between BT and Spectrum and these unpleasant cards in all of them.  BT may ask for a telephone number of a box and the following are some from Matalan down to Walm Lane 8452 5828, 8208 4173,  020 8450 9968, 8450 5171, 8208 4292


Brent Council no longer allow their staff to remove the cards for their own safety and we would ask residents not to attempt to remove them either.


Cricklewood Improvement Programme have been advised by traders that these boxes have a key negative impact on their business as they attract an unpleasant group of people interested in prostitution and drugs.   The Police Safer Neighbourhood teams confirm that the cards in the boxes are a major reason for the high number of prostitutes in the area. Street drinkers are paid with alcohol to put the cards in the boxes and so the cycle of anti-social behaviour continues.   CIP want to create a community that is safe, welcoming and pleasant.


Success for Cricklewood’s bid. Cricklewood Improvement Programme (CIP) have been awarded £1.6m (of the £2m for which they bid) to improve the town centre.  They worked hard with 3 separate boroughs to achieve this. The money comes from the mayor’s Outer London fund. The fund was launched in 2011 to improve the character, quality and economic vitality of high streets in outer London. 

The £3.7m funding (which covers North Finchley as well as Cricklewood) includes £2.75m of Outer London Fund money from the Mayor of London’s office with additional funding coming from Barnet and Brent Councils. Jan 2012

Vote for CIP bids. The Cricklewood Improvement Programme group (CIP) is bidding for a £6000 prize in order to run a multi-cultural street festival to celebrate our diversity and generally put us on the map as a fun destination. Voting is now closed.

Cricklewood Community Involvement Programme

If Cricklewood was on the property market the Estate Agent’s blurb might say “Excellent position, seen better days and needs a loving owner to restore to its former glory”.

Well that’s precisely what the Cricklewood Community Involvement Programme (CCIP) aims to do.  It is a group of residents and residents associations, including MapRA, who want to revitalise Cricklewood, helping transform it into a safe, healthy and vibrant neighbourhood where the needs of the residents are central to its development.

One of Cricklewood’s problem is that it’s served by three boroughs, Barnet, Brent and Camden.  The CCIP aims to encourage the three councils to work together, so that Cricklewood is developed as one neighbourhood.

This CCIP is producing a Community plan which lays out the 5-year programme vision and aims for launch in early 2011 which. It will:

  • Review the current plans for Cricklewood’s development with the three boroughs jointly

  • Conduct a research study amongst residents and businesses to establish the community’s needs

  • Produce a website to raise the profile of the improvement programme

  • Constitute the group formally and, most importantly, recruit new supporters.

Successful meeting was held on 7th December. Press release