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Garden Noise

Noise is obviously a real problem in Summer - We had more approving replies to our email about noise than to any other email! The main noises that people are upset by:

leaf blowers. Being used more than justifiable. Commonly used by contract gardeners; sometimes by household almost as a toy. In some locations these are banned see article https://www.resilience.org/stories/2010-01-04/praising-leavescondemning-leaf-blowers/

Loud screaming

Loud Shouting games

These can very wearing for the most tolerant of neighbours; it can, indeed, destroy their enjoyment of their own gardens - the normal peacefulness of Mapesbury is one of its great attractions.

No one, we believe, minds barbecues or the occasional party ending at a reasonable hour, and the sound of children enjoying themselves can be delightful, adding to the feeling of living in a community.