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Good Neighbours group

MapRA member Elayne Coakes has suggested we should set up a group of volunteers willing and able to help out local residents with small jobs: The kinds of things envisaged area:

     Shopping; e.g. for those coming out of hospital/disabled/elderly

     Minor household DIY (e.g. bulb changing)

     Limited garden tidying/clearance (once off not regular)

     Car transport for hospital visits if required

     Help during icy weather; to clear path, shop

     Minor help with basic computer problems

      Printing and provision of MapRA email notices

     Hospital visiting

         Provide telephone numbers of emergency help

     Monthly coffee morning [Sat/Sun] to met new neighbours and

        look after ill or elderly

     Newcomers welcome visit

     Looking after small children if parents need to go to hospital

          (not for general babysitting)

     Liaison with social services as required (not to replace them, rather to

          keep them informed of what they might need to look into);

     Providing emergency help as necessary

     Regular visits to people needing help (old, disabled, housebound

        with children) to check up if anything needs doing and that they 

        are in good health.


Obviously we must be careful not to overlap with services provided by Social Services or other businesses / organisation best suited to help for more major jobs. But any ideas and suggestions would be welcome.


We now have over 20 people interested and will launch it at the time of the MapRA Christmas Newsletter

         Views to campaigns@mapra.org.uk