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Parking / Transportation

The current parking zones are shown in the map above

The zones are:

MA  -  10am - 3pm Monday - Friday. 

MA  -  10am - 9pm Monday - Saturday; Keyes Road / Hoveden Road

MW -   8am -630pm Monday - Saturday

MK -   10am - 3pm Monday - Friday

Lydford Road is both MA and MW; 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday

Some are - marked in yellow are allow Pay and Display.

CPZ charges to change

The Council are about to consult on a Green initiative for residents in Controlled Parking Zones. It is proposed that CPZ permit  charges should change; the smallest carbon-emitting vehicles (roughly under 1100cc) will still be free. For the majority of larger vehicles, the current permit charges of £50 pa would go up to £75 or £100 depending on size, but would be a good deal higher for the very large and most polluting vehicles.