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Smartwater Property marking 

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Brent Police have joined forces with local householders by supplying just under 1000 homes with Smartwater. SmartWater is an invisible liquid with it's own unique forensic code. It can only be seen under UV light and is almost impossible to wash off. Householders have been visited by local Officers who have supplied Smartwater and also assisted them in marking their property.

Brent Borough is one of a number of pilot sites across the MPS that have been trialing traceable liquids as part of the Police arsenal of tools in the fight against burglary.

The pilot has been so successful that the pilot area has been burglary free for the past 4 weeks compared to 21 offences over the same period last year.

Project Lead Detective Sergeant Madeline Ryder said "This is an outstanding result and is indicative of how effective traceable liquids can be. Brent Police are committed to sustaining their effort in the fight against not only burglary, but all acquisitive crime. This should send a clear message to any would-be thief - don't bother to come to Brent .These unnanounced visits will continue until thieves realise that they are not welcome nor will they be tolerated in Brent, whether they are stealing or handling stolen goods - there is no place for them here”.

Traceable liquids are just a small part of an ongoing anti-burglary and burglary reduction initiative being run by Brent Police. As well as householders receiving Smartwater, all pawnbrokers and jewellers in Brent have been visited and "on-the-spot" checks conducted to make sure that they are not selling stolen goods. 

Brent Police are hoping to extend the pilot area across most of the Borough in the forthcoming months.

If you have any community intelligence around criminal activity, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, 101 or your Safer Neighbourhood Team on 8721 2962 or Mobile: 07920 233 759.

In emergency call 999


For daily updates and information about what is happening in Brent, you can follow us on Twitter at @MPSBrent Email: mapesbury.snt@met.police.uk