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Map of the corridor

Wildlife corridor

Many residents are interested in wildlife and design their gardens to encourage it. However, as a whole, Mapesbury and Brondesbury are considered to be areas of wildlife deficiency. It is, therefore, very exciting that Brent has designated the railway line from Kilburn to Willesden Green as a Wildlife corridor in their Local Development Framework (LDF) plan.

This corridor includes bushes and trees at the ends of some gardens in Chatsworth and Dartmouth Roads, and would be a great asset in encouraging the increase and spread of small wild animals, insects, and plants.

Wildlife corridors are important because isolated wildlife populations tend to die out; inbreeding weakens the population, and natural fluctuations may lead to a group which is too small to be viable, so that type of wildlife or wild plant is lost.  But, if these fragmented habitats are connected by a wild corridor, the effective size of animal and insect breeding populations is increased, and plants of different types will spread; animals can move in search of food; and those that live partly on land, but need water to breed (like frogs, toads and newts) can easily move between appropriate environments. MapRA supports this proposal because it believes that it will improve the health and biodiversity of our wildlife.