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Back Gardens Campaign

Campaign Triumph (2010)

Our then Chair of Planning, Sheelagh Putnam was extremely grateful to residents for their wonderful response to the “Not in our Back Gardens” campaign, and would like to thank them all.  

MapRA is happy to say that the campaign has been successful and that the joint application by Brent Council and MapRA to protect the rear gardens in Mapesbury has been granted by the Secretary of State. The new Article 4 (1) Direction means that large outbuildings in rear gardens will again require planning permission. This will give you the right to object to inappropriate development. 

This is thanks to the co-operation between Brent Planning & MapRA; the hard work of Sheelagh and her team, Eric Cliff, Michael Hirschl & Jacqui Pelham, whose beautifully presented submission http://www.putnamweb.info/MaPRA_Planning/default.aspx (Username = anyone and password = password) was a great help to Brent, and the Members who with great dedication knocked on residents doors to explain the importance of the petition and collect their support.