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Campaigns / Issues

Back gardens campaign. Government legislation in 2008 put the status of our conservation area at risk. The campaign through 2009 and early 2010 has been successful in getting the conservation protection restored for our conservation area.

Brent Cross development. Barnet Council are working with developers for a large expansion and development of new town in the Brent Cross area. While some aspects of this are welcome; particularly schools and jobs, MapRA is opposing it because it is over development with adverse traffic impacts and its likely adverse effect on the viability of Cricklewood town centre.

Filming. Brent encourages film companies to use local houses for their projects. MapRA is generally supportive where the company abides by sensible ground rules to minimise the impact on other residents.

Parking. MapRA is active in consultation with the Council on the nature and scope of the parking areas.

20 mile an hour consultation. As a result of consultation November 2009 part of the area has been changed to make it a 20 mph zone

Noise in Gardens. Clearly a lot of residents are concerned about this. Will consider what can be done to encourage residents to be more responsible.

Three aspects where ideas are put forward to improve the look of the local area: Front Garden Improvements. Good Neighbours Group. Willesden Green shops. Welcome comments on these