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Gardening clubs

Plants that do well locally. members of MapRA’s Garden Club have put together a list of plants they like and  which have been found to thrive in our area.


Open gardens day 2017 is on 25 June. More


The  MapRA Gardening Club has now expanded because of popular demand. While the original club continues under convener Margaret Mann,  Gardening Club B has been started by Elizabeth Proud. Ten new members met for the initial get-together, all keen to share ideas, tips, and of course, plants.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month in members' homes. The two clubs will come together for lectures and outings.

If you're interested in joining, contact clubs@mapra.org.uk


The club is involved in the organisation of the biennial Open Gardens' Day

In 2015 will be on 21 June. More

In alternate years it also organises the Front Gardens Competition. Results for 2010 are now in.

NEW! Regular gardening column by Mapesbury professional gardener Fabian Lee. See his expert tips on what needs doing now by clicking here for December.

 (Previous ones; Feb,Mar,Apr,May,June,July,Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov)

Garden club outing + pictures

Plant sale at Margaret Mann's

Margaret Mann has many plants for sale for sale outside 109 Chatsworth Rd. She grows most of them from seeds and cuttings, and 2012 saw her raise more than £1700 for charities, including the British Polio Fellowship, the British Heart Foundation, Nihal Armstrong Trust and Ashford Place. Some of the funds also went towards beautifying the tree pits in Blenheim Gardens and Anson Rd. Plants were also donated to MapRA's front gardens advice stall in March, the Garden Club's stand at the MapRA AGM, and to Chris Mason for Yellow Book Garden charities. Once more, many thanks Margaret!