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Willesden Green station 1910 

History and Architecture Group

The group meets about every 2 months in members houses for lectures and discussions on various topics related to history and architecture of the Mapesbury area

The 2010 programme included Dick Weindling on the Shoot-up-Hill mills; Gerry Weston on the Jubilee line; John Acklaw on growing up in wartime Willesden, John Mann asking “Who was Walter Map?” (Why was Mapesbury named after a man who died 800 years ago?) David Winnick MP shared his memories of his early days on our local councils. June McMahon shared her memories of Willesden from the 1930s to today. 

Last meeting "Looking back without Anger" John Lebor

John Lebor grew up in 'Jewish' Willesden Green in the 1930s,  political activist,  solicitor,  Brent councillor,  leader of the Council and our Millennium Mayor.  A Communist in his youth,   he went on  to fight the Loony Left. John's fascinating memories of Willeseden,  Brent and political infighting stretch over more than 80 years.

Meetings open to all.  No need to book but helpful to know if you hope to come.  Phone 0208 459 5419 or email john.f.mann@btinternet.com