Theatre Group


Every couple of months members of the Theatregoers Group go to a play, evening or matinees.  Often Tricycle, Hampstead theatre or National Theatres.  Ticket prices can vary from 15 to 30.   A day or so later we meet in the evening and have a discussion about the play and its production. Jim Coakes. In 2010 we went to plays by Alan Bennett (The Habit of Art), Sebastian Barry (Andersen's English), Oscar Wilde (Salome), Noel Coward (design for living) and Ena Lamont Stewart (Men should weep)

Members of the group are alerted to the theatre visits by e-mail and tickets are allocated on a first come first served basis.  If you would like to join please let us know at


The theatre group has the following visits arranged for next few months: There are still some tickets available for all performances

  •  Sat 4 May,  1430, "Inala", A Zulu Ballet with the Soweto Gospel Choir, Peacock Theatre, Holborn. Unfortunately the price has now risen to 48 for new bookings.

  •  Sat 8 Jun 1430, "Bruising", Wilton's Music Hall, Whitechapel (Music hall with original cast iron pillars, balcony and decor). 25

  •  Thu 18 July, 1500, "Unscripted", Park Theatre, Finsbury Park. More expensive as its a fund raiser for this theatre. Masses of famous names: 52.

  • Weds 4 Sep 1430, "Blues in the night", Kiln Theatre, Kilburn. 26

Please email if youd like to join us or in joining the theatre group email list.

Plays visited in past years:

2010 Alan Bennett (The Habit of Art),

       Sebastian Barry (Andersen's English),

       Oscar Wilde (Salome),

       Noel Coward (design for living)

       Ena Lamont Stewart (Men should weep)