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Our overall aims are to encourage more members to join the activities, listen to everyone’s ideas¸ to seek fair solutions to problems, enhance community spirit and the quality of life for all. The more members we have, the better we will achieve these aims.  Why don’t you join us?

Committees (as at 26 April 2018)

Our main committee comprises:

Andrew Aiken                                               Walm Lane

Anna Benbow                                               Melrose Avenue

Lia Colacicco                                               St Gabriel's Road

Alison Cossar                                               Hoveden Road

Tom Cotton                                                 Keyes Road

Anthony Dunn                                              Walm Lane

David Freedman (chair)                                  Exeter Road

Richard Geldart                                             Dartmouth Road

Angela Payne                                               Melrose Avenue

Jacqui Pelham                                              Anson Road

Carol Reeman (NW2 residents group)                Temple Road              

Jacob Sam (Treasurer)                                  Villiers Road

Teresa Solomon                                           Chatsworth Road

Gerry Weston (Organising Sec)                       Teignmouth Road


Current ward councillors; Lia Colacicco, Helen Carr, Ahmed Shahzad;


Sub- committees are:


Planning and Conservation sub-committee:

Sheelagh Putnam (Chair)

Robert Afia

Eric Cliff

David Gee

Paul Jones

Jacqui Pelham

Kate Spence

Blair Thorpe


Open Gardens Day organising committee

Jim Coakes & Teresa Solomon (joint Chair)

Teresa Solomon (Treasurer)

Anne Aiken (Meeting secretary)

Jim Coakes (Dep. chair and Transport)

Sandra Westbrooke (publicity)

Michael Hirschl (publicity design)

Gerry Weston (ticket sales)

Anne Lane

Margaret Chambers

Claudia Kerner