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Planning / Conservation

The Mapesbury estate was originally part of the Middlesex parish and manor of Willesden. It remained countryside until the 1860s, when residential development began; The main development took place between 1895 and 1905, consisting of brick-built houses with extensive tree planting. More on history


The estate is one of the most outstanding examples of a housing development created and influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement.

In 1982 ten roads in Mapesbury were designated a Conservation area. The roads are: Anson (Broadway to Chichele Road), Dartmouth, Dawlish, Exeter, Keyes, Hoveden, Lydford & Mapesbury (up to railway), Teignmouth, Walm Lane (even side from the station to Broadway)


Although many of Mapesbury’s residents are not included, their properties benefit substantially from bordering a conservation area.


The conservation area is subject to Article 4 direction which controls what can be built. Recently have strengthened this to protect back gardens.


The conservation guidelines are available from Brent conservation area site.


Brent carried out an appraisal of the conservation area in 2006. This analyses and describes the historic and architectural character of the Mapesbury Conservation Area. It identifed the factors that led to
the declaration of the Conservation Area and highlighted the prevailing quality, level of preservation of the details that define the character of the conservation area.


Note that part of the area (alongside both sides of the railway line from Kilburn to Willesden Green ) has been designated a Wildlife Corridor


MapRA has a planning and conservation group to oversee planning applications and liaise with Brent Council to try to maintain and improve the area: see committee