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Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB) Anti terrorist leaflet

Anti -Terrorist Hotline: 0800 789 321


Brent Council and police have been working together to set up a new Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB) in Brent.


This new board will give local people and victims of crime a greater voice in setting policing priorities and improving consultation between the community, the police, the council and other partners.


The request for all London boroughs to have a Safer Neighbourhood Board came from London Mayor, Boris Johnson.  The police and council are working together to make sure that the community are fully represented and involved.

Purpose of SNB?

  • To ensure communities are more closely involved in problem solving and crime prevention;

  • To facilitate the view that local people know best what is needed at the local level;

  • To have greater reach and ensure a more frequent refresh of ideas and views;

  • To achieve greater coherence between different engagement mechanisms, e.g. ward panels, Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs), Neighbourhood Watch and Stop and Search Community Monitoring Groups, so as to provide greater public accountability in policing and crime reduction;

  • To make more efficient use of resources to deliver value for money and target funds at tackling issues of local concern and crime prevention.

Who will sit on the board?

Membership will come from a range of community representatives across the borough. This will include but not be limited to individuals, local businesses, faith groups etc.

The board will meet a minimum of four times a year.


How can I get involved?

There will be a place on the board for a community representative from each of the Brent Connect Area Forums.  Application forms are attached via this link.


Completed applications must be returned by Monday, 18 August 2014.


Who will select the community representative?

The Chair of each Brent Connects area forum plus up to four forum attendees (who are not related to or sponsors of prospective candidates) will vote for their preferred candidate and ensure that all the community representatives receive training and are available for the SNB meeting in September 2014.


Prospective SNB members must:

  • Live or have a business in the Brent Connects forum area in question

  • Be willing to feedback on SNB initiatives to their area forum

  • Be willing to use Brent Connects area forums to gather views/issues and take to SNB

  • Endorse and promote community payback projects identified by the forum

  • Be willing to attend a half day training course