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Local Police: Christmas advice


Burglars view the Christmas holiday very differently from the rest of us - not a time to give an opportunity to take. Many houses have more valuables in them at Christmas than at any other time of year Ė the presents under your tree that are meant for your loved ones can become a source of income for a burglar throughout December. 

By making houses less appealing to burglars, people's homes are less likely to be targeted. For example by investing in timers for lights, it is possible to give the impression that someone is home when they may not be. If people are away over Christmas they could ask a neighbour to clear their letterbox and park on their drive so it's not obvious that nobody's home.

Donít display wrapped goods under your tree in a room that has windows looking out on to the street.  It takes seconds for a thief to smash a window and grab your packages.

If you have any information regarding burglary or the handling of stolen goods call Brent Police on 0300 123 1212 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.  Recent research on Mapesbury by the team show that most Burglaries are occurring during the day and about 80% of entry is gained by forcing the front door. If you wish to have your door security reviewed please contact us on:  mapesbury.snt@met.police.uk