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Local Police: Cold Call Fraudsters

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Fraudsters cold call you pretending to be from your bank or from the police. They claim there is an issue with your bank account or request your assistance with an ongoing bank or police investigation. The ultimate aim of this call is to trick you into parting with your money either in person, online, via a money service bureau or in a bank.

How to protect yourself

Be extremely wary of unsolicited phone calls from your bank or the police. Particularly if they are requesting personal information.

End the call, call back on a different phone line or on a mobile. If this is not possible, wait at least one minute before calling back. Use either the telephone number on your bank card, go to the banks website or for the police dial 101.

Speak to friends or family before carrying out any actions. Don't trust claims made by cold callers.

Never hand over your money, bank cards or make purchases following an unexpected call.

Never share your PIN with anyone.


Your bank or the police with never ask you for your PIN, bank card, or ask you to withdraw money or buy items on their behalf.


If you receive an unexpected call, hang up, use another phone to call back and confirm identity.


How do i know they are who they say they are?

If you need help or to reply, click on this email address: mapesbury.snt@met.police.uk

Anne Collyer
Neighbourhood Watch
Email: mapesbury.snt@met.police.uk