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Local Police: Safer Neighbourhood team

Anti terrorist leaflet

Anti -Terrorist Hotline: 0800 789 321

The Metropolitan Police Service is responsible for Policing the entire electoral ward of Mapesbury as well as the wider Borough of Brent.

Mapesbury benefits from an additional local community Police team called the Mapesbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team. The team is made up of one Police Sergeant, Four Police Constables and Two Police Community Support Officers.

The team came into existence thanks to additional funding from the Mayor of London. The team is 'ring fenced' meaning that they spend almost all of their time working within the electoral ward acting on community concerns.

What do we do?

You can contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team in a variety of ways including via phone, mobile, text or email.

Please note that Safer Neighbourhoods does not provide a 24 hour service. If your call is an emergency you should always ring 999. If we are off-duty and you require the Police then contact the Brent Police Control Room on 101 and they will handle your call.

If you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, call on 8721 2962.

Ward panel meetings. These are liaison meeting held every 3 months with local residents More information and notes of meetings.

Burglary prevention advice; Card fraud advice; Lottery scam

Police Safer Neighbourhood Board; Crime prevention advice

Smartwater Property marking

Phone: 8721 2962                    Mobile: 07920 233 759
Email: mapesbury.snt@met.police.uk