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Comments about restaurants

The restaurants are alphabetically by area; comments in reverse date order and  anonymised by membership number.

Willesden Green

Anatolian Flame - 66 Walm lane 8459 4467

recommended. Member no 60  8/2/2011

The Anatolian Flame used to be just a restaurant but relatively recently it has become a cafe as well, serving breakfasts and snack lunches.  However, they still use an open fire to cook their kebabs and meat dishes.  These are served with the rice and salad, are inexpensive and the lamb chops, which we have had several times, are really delicious - tender and flavourful. Member no 215 3/2/2011

Canaletes - 51 Willesden Lane, Willesden 8624 7004

"New tapas and wine bar run by a delightful young couple, he in the kitchen, she out front looking after guests with very friendly efficiency. Delicious Spanish cooking, with fresh ingredients, generous portions, and great value, with accompanying wines. The chicken and garlic is a personal favourite. Order a feast of different dishes to taste among a group" Member no 642 29/6/2016

Kadiri's - 26 High Road, Willesden 8459 0936

I can recommend a local Indian restaurant: Kadiri's, (not far from the big Sainsbury's but on opposite side). Their Tandoori chicken is one of my favourites. It also provides a home delivery service. Member no 92 10/3/2011

Mezzorama - 65 Walm Lane

Italian style cafe and Deli - Wow. Member no 1603  15/7/2014

Another ‘Mezoroma’ we’ve already got two in Willesden Green, but this one is a little different: a deli/café with a small covered garden space at the back, it serves great coffee and cake (haven’t tried the food menu yet) and has a really nice array of old-fashioned deli-style goodies for sale. Member no 1295 5/7/2014

The Nest - Walm Lane by Station

A great coffee shop. Member no 60  8/2/2011

Nest is next to the station and is a spacious, friendly, comfortable cafe.  It has a good range of home made soups, salads , sandwiches and hot main course meals.  The portions are generous and the prices very reasonable.  The service and ambience are really pleasant .  We think it is an ideal local place to meet for drinks or lunch. Member no 215 3/2/2011

Pomegranate - 35e Walm Lane (ent in St Paul's Avenue)

we’d like to recommend the Pomegranate in Willesden Green for their fresh food at good prices with friendly staff and service.  Member no 1058   16/4/2011

Good Thai with nice service and cosy atmosphere. Member no  1331    20/6/2011

Queensbury Pub - 110 Walm Lane - 8452 0171    web

Please include the Queensbury restaurant and the Deli. I used the restaurant quite a bit when I first moved in here and was without a kitchen.  Great for Sunday lunch, and I was also well looked after when I was in there on my own.  Service excellent - they provide newspapers too.  Member no 1294 16/1/2011

Sanzio - 26 Station Parade 8830 5221           web

Excellent idea about the restaurant/café page!  We could do with a few more slightly up market eateries.  The new look Sanzio (ex Little Star) is a very good addition.  Member no 30 8/2/2011

Sino Thai - 9 High Road - 8459 1622

Food fine but lacking atmosphere (or other customers) Member no 673 16/1/2001

Spice 6  - 22 Station parade - 8208 2026

Recommended.  Member no 614 17/1/2011

Very good. Improved with new chef. Nice atmosphere and service. member no 673 20/4/2013

Note: offers 15% discount to residents of NW2 from 1 June 2013

Stables Cafe  - Gladstone Park - 8208 2026

Independently run. serves really good home-made food, cakes, etc. Member no 464 14/4/2016

Takari - 21 Walm Lane - 8451 4466

Recommended to us. Reasonable food - service rather too selling. Member no 673 23/1/2001

Vicky's - 108 Walm Lane; Opp Station

A good addition to the area (already well established in Queen's Park). Pleasant service; good food at reasonable prices. Member no 673  18/4/2016

Kilburn / Cricklewood

Little Bay -228 Belsize road - 7372 4699 web

We’d like to recommend the Little Bay for their fresh food at good prices with friendly staff and service. Although it is worth noting that it gets quite crowded at times! Member no 1058  16/4/2011

Mango - 58 Cricklewood Broadway 8450 9999

Please add Mango to the list.  They are a Lebanese restaurant that serve freshly cooked food at reasonable prices, approx £15-20 per head.  Member no 401 3/3/2011

Navruz - 65 Cricklewood Broadway

Interesting Central Asian food, Russian beers, wine. Spacious and pleasant decor, not crowded or noisy. Member no 302 20/1/2015

Small and Beautiful - 351-353 Kilburn High Road 0872 148 1065

A brilliant restaurant.  Excellent quality, very good value.  Highly recommended. Member no 54 7/2/2011

It is fantastic value. We had a brilliant two course meal for £5 each last week - the ingredients were worth as much... Member no 175 8/2/2011

Zeytoon 94-96 Cricklewood Broadway - 8830 7434  web

A restaurant that definitely needs to be included from the Broadway is:  Zeytoon  Lovely Afghan/Iranian food = when we moved in here and had builders in this was our Friday night place of choice. Member no 1294 8/2/2011

Other Areas nearby

Curled leaf. 98 Mill Lane.

A lovely new tea-room, serving all kinds of teas, homemade cakes and salads, light meals in a bright and cosy room. Lovely owners. Also yoga room and alternative treatment room on the premises. I´ll be back! member no 1069 14/5/2013

Bawachi - 68 Chamberlayne Road 8960 9608     web

Excellent and good value for money. Can highly recommend to other locals. Member no 968 8/2/2011

Pita - 339 West End Lane 7435 5554

Kosher. weekly Shawarma. recommended. Member no 60  8/2/2011

Sushi Bar Gen -243 West End lane 7431 4031

recommended, Member no 60  8/2/2011

Tong Kanom Thai - 833 Harrow Road 8964 5373

recommended. Member no 60  8/2/2011

friendly and cosy; good food and not expensive Thai restaurant. Can take own wine. Wise to book for Friday / Saturday. Best ask for upstairs. Member no 673 31/5/2013

Vijays   - 49 Willesden Lane - 7328 1087

recommended. Member no 60  8/2/2011