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Things to do in your Mapesbury garden in June:

  • Hoe beds & borders to remove weeds before they flower and subsequently disperse seed.

  • Spring flowering shrubs can be pruned by cutting back a stem, which has flowered, to a healthy pair of buds. Removing a third of old wood at its base will encourage new young growth.

  • Remove Allium seed heads once the colour has faded.

  • Flower heads on Euphorbia may be removed at their base, to stop seed dispersal. Wear gloves, as sap is a skin irritant.

  • Deadhead roses to encourage further flowering.

  • Stake tall i.e. perennial plants in the border if required. This can also help protect the flower spikes from wind damage.

  • Plant out bedding, Canna lilies and Dahlias once threat of frost has passed.

  • Cutting back poppies when they have flowered will stimulate new foliage and possibly flowers as well.

  • Remove bulb foliage now, once it has been allowed to die down naturally.

  • Mow the lawn once a week if grass is growing well.

  • Cut back flowering stems of Iris once flowered and divide plants if becoming too old and clumpy.

  • Bushier growth can be achieved by pinching out the leading shoots of plants like Helianthus and Chrysanthemum.

  • A layer of mulch applied to the beds will help keep the moisture in and the weeds down.

Fabian Lee, Mapesbury Professional Gardener & Horticultural Specialist. fabianlee001@gmail.com


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