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Things to do in your Mapesbury garden in November:

  • Clear up leaves from lawns, paving, beds and ponds, leaf mould makes a good soil improver.

  • Plant tulips 10-20cm apart, x3 their own size/depth of soil.

  • Continue to do general weeding, make sure to dig up perennial weeds by the root.

  • Buy bare-root plants i.e. Roses and plant immediately to prevent drying out or heel in, as a temporary measure

  • Plant/move perennial plants.

  • Deadhead patio plants, this will encourage prolonged flowering and help prevent fungal disease.

  • Cut back Dahlias to ground level, once frost has blackened leaves. If soil is well drained leave in ground and cover with 15cm layer of compost/bark. In colder areas, with heavier soils, lift and over winter indoors, before replanting next spring.

  • Apply grease bands around trunks of fruit trees to trap winter moths and leave on until April of next year. This will prevent the wingless female moth, crawling up the tree to lay her eggs.

  • Raise containers onto pot feet, to prevent waterlogging.

  • Plant out winter bedding i.e. wallflowers, primula, viola, forget-me-nots etc etc .

  • Continue to cut down and compost spent herbaceous perennials and lift /divide overgrown clumps.

  • An Autumn mulch can protect borderline hardy plants i.e. Agapanthus and Kniphofia.

  • Large containers that may suffer frost damage can be protected with fleece, bubble wrap or hessian.

  • Transplant trees/shrubs growing in unsuitable places, whilst still young.

  • Consider pruning/renovation of deciduous trees, shrubs and hedges during dormant season

  • Lightly prune bush roses to prevent wind-rock and it is not too late to prune climbing roses.

Fabian Lee, Mapesbury Professional Gardener & Horticultural Specialist. fabianlee001@gmail.com


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