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Things to do in your Mapesbury garden in October:

  • Rake up leaves from lawns and paving, leaf mould makes a good soil improver.

  • Bring in tender plants, should frost threaten, protect others with i.e. fleece.

  • Pull up summer bedding i.e. Marigolds and compost, plant spring bedding i.e. wallflower, primula, viola, forget-me-not etc.

  • Cut back faded herbaceous perennials and compost or lift and divide if poor flowering or overcrowded.

  • Continue to plant spring flowering bulbs.

  • Pick apples and pears. Applying grease bands around fruit tree trunks in late October will prevent i.e. female codling moth climbing up the trunk to lay her eggs.

  • Pick late season flowers and continue to deadhead to prolong flowering.

  • If lavender has become old, tired and woody, dig up and plant something new in its place.

  • Now is a good time to plant shrubs, trees and perennials, as the soil is still warm and moisture levels are generally increasing in it.

  • Reseed/returf worn areas of lawn.

  • Remove blanket weed, dead leaves on aquatic plants before they rot and net the pond prior to leaf fall.

  • Conduct autumn lawn renovation. Rake/scarify to remove thatch, aerate, thicken bald patches in turf by sowing grass seed, top dress, then feed.

  • Start mulching beds/borders using organic matter i.e. garden compost to a depth of at least 5cm. Mulching traps moisture and helps suppress weeds.

Fabian Lee, Mapesbury Professional Gardener & Horticultural Specialist. fabianlee001@gmail.com


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