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Things to do in your Mapesbury garden in September:

  • Buy Spring flowering bulbs, big is best, check they are not spongy and free from mould, then plant. In the case of tulip bulbs, wait until November to plant, to prevent disease.

  • Naturalise bulbs, by throwing over the lawn and planting where they fall.

  • Prune/trim Lavender. If old and woody, cutting back to a few inches above bare wood, may encourage new growth.

  • Deadhead i.e. Rosa, Dahlia, Delphinium and Penstemon to prolong flowering.

  • Now is a good time to plant shrubs and perennials, as the soil is still warm and moisture levels are increasing in it.

  • Divide herbaceous perennials, i.e. Crocosmia, as they begin to die back. Lift/split/replant about every three years.

  • Stake top heavy plants i.e. Dahlias & Asters if necessary to prevent wind damage.

  • Dig up hardy annuals and collect seed if desired.

  • Tidy up borders by removing dead growth from Summer bedding and hardy perennials. Some old stems of i.e. Dipsacus (Teasel) may be left as they can look attractive covered by frost and their seeds will be appreciated by certain birds.

  • Compost dead vegetative matter or if diseased burn or bin.

  • Prune fruit trees to prevent disease.

  • Clean paving and decking, which can become extremely treacherous, when covered with slippery algae.

  • Remove blanket weed, dead leaves on aquatic plants before they rot and net the pond prior to leaf fall.

  • Conduct Autumn lawn renovation. Rake/scarify to remove thatch, aerate, thicken bald patches in turf by sowing grass seed, top dress, then feed.

Fabian Lee, Mapesbury Professional Gardener & Horticultural Specialist. fabianlee001@gmail.com


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