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Things to do in your Mapesbury garden in March:

  • Feed acid loving plants i.e. Rhododendrons and Camellias in late March

  • Finish pruning roses and feed

  • Dig out perennial weeds whilst small and visible in comparatively bare beds and borders

  • Lift, divide and transplant summer flowering perennials and feed established perennials once new growth becomes apparent

  • Finish pruning fruit trees before the buds swell

  • Towards the end of the month plant summer flowering bulbs and tubers like lilies, Gladiola and Dahlias

  • Prune winter Jasmine after flowering

  • Move and divide snowdrops as soon as the flowers fade to create drifts

  • Rake worm casts off the lawn

  • Mow the lawn on a dry day, but not too short, apply spring fertilizer and re-seed where necessary

  • Prune back hard colourful winter stems of  Cornus (Dogwood) and Salix (Willow)

  • Prune late flowering shrubs like Buddleia davidii to encourage new growth that will flower this year

  • Trim to shape after flowers fade late winter/early spring flowering shrubs like Lonicera x purpusii (Winter honeysuckle)

  • Protect succulent new spring shoots from slugs and snails.

  • Ferrous phosphate slug pellets claim not to harm any vertebrates.

  • Consider the link between traditional slug pellets and the disappearance of hedgehogs

  • Cut down dead stems of perennials to make room for new growth

Fabian Lee, Mapesbury Professional Gardener & Horticultural Specialist. fabianlee001@gmail.com


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