Transition Willesden is a new eco-minded community group initiated by Viv  Stein in June 2011 and supported by the more established group Transition Kensal to Kilburn . Below recent report from Viv

Achievements so far
"We've had four public meetings,  kicking off with an amazing thirty two people at our first event in June.  The November meeting attracted eleven - mostly newcomers.  Our core group, albeit with some turnover, is still going strong: Urmi Shah, Brian Orr and I have been there from the start; Marjory Fraser and gardener Sarah Langton Lockton have recently joined us, and Harriet Smith, Lucy Walsh and Giovanna Dunmall have stepped back for now but are still involved with the wider group.  Chris Wells from Transition Kensal to Kilburn is still on board to help with our website.  Marjory and I attended a Transition training weekend in September. 

We are now a key player in developing a green space/community square in front of Sainsbury's.  We've done some fruit harvesting, made apple juice from local fruit, and are getting involved in the Willesden Green Wassail in January.

We've got some publicity in the local press and with Transition, getting a mention on their website and a picture in the new handbook.  Although we've not got our own website just yet, we're online at with thirty people signed up, and we've also got nearly ninety on a mailing list.  Here's to the next six months and beyond!"

Viv Stein