Recent years have seen a continued climb in recyling by Brent members. Which we would like to congratulate everyone on.

You can have as many green boxes as you want – free from Brent Recycling. You can also purchase a composting bin for £5 including a free guide. Additional composting bins can also be purchase for £13–£16 depending on size.

For further information on local recycling/rubbish services please visit the brent website

Local Police

The Metropolitan Police Service is responsible for Policing the entire electoral ward of Mapesbury as well as the wider Borough of Brent.

Mapesbury benefits from an additional local community Police team called the Mapesbury Safer Neighbourhoods Team. The team is made up of one Police Sergeant, Four Police Constables and Two Police Community Support Officers.

For more information on this, visit our Safer Neighbourhoods Team page

Late Chemist

Bliss Chemist: An independently owned pharmacy – forward thinking and providing innovative services.

Offering all Pharmaceutical and NHS services, Dispensing NHS/Private Prescriptions, Smoking Cessation, Health Advice, Medicine Use Reviews and more.

Conveniently located at 50-56 Willesden Lane, Kilburn, NW6 7SX.

More information is available on the Late Chemist Website


North West Two RA
National Rail
Kiln Theatre
Brent Archives
Lexi Cinema
Useful Contacts


Current parking zones are shown on the map:
MA: 10am–3pm, Monday–Friday
MW: 8am-6:30pm, Monday–Saturday
MK: 10am–3pm, Monday–Friday
MA: 10am–9pm, Monday–Saturday (Keyes/Hoveden Road)
Lydford Road is both MA and MW: 10am–3pm, Monday–Friday
Yellow markings denote ‘Pay and Display’ areas.

Controlled Parking Zones Changes

The Council are consulting on a Green initiative for residents in Controlled Parking Zones. It is proposed that CPZ permit charges should change; the smallest carbon-emitting vehicles (roughly under 1100cc) will still be free. For the majority of larger vehicles, the permit will be £75 or £100 depending on size, but would be a good deal higher for the very large and most polluting vehicles.


Formerly CHC
Ashford Place (AP) has a new modernised base in 60 Ashford Road. It aims to help anyone in the community wanting to make positive choices regarding their lives.

Who are the services for?
AP services are available to any resident in the borough of Brent, and in some cases outside. Ashford Place customers come for many reasons- anything from wanting to take a class in IT to a long term rough sleeper needing accommodation.

AP’s main service programmes are: training & employability support, drug & alcohol programmes, housing advice & support. AP does not have accommodation but works with a range of housing partners such as housing associations and private sector landlords to whom customers are referred as appropriate.

Further details are available on the Ashford Place Website

Community Action on Dementia in Brent
CAD-Brent continues to work to make Brent a Dementia Friendly borough. The excellent work has in-part led to the planned launch of “Brent: a dementia friendly borough 2020” in May 2018 and supported by CAD-Brent, Brent Council, Brent CCG and partners. Activities include:

  • Joining with Dementia Action Alliance to create Community Action on Dementia Brent Alliance. We would encourage MapRA to join as a Residents’ Association member; requiring residents to do three activities that help.
  • The De-Caf project at Ashford Place has proved so successful that other cafes are setting up around the area, facilitated by the Dementia Café Coordinator Gabby Horecka and Kawal Singh.
  • The work of the Peer Support Service for people living with dementia supporting others with dementia is enabling many referred to the service at diagnosis to have a more positive approach to their diagnosis.
  • The Kilburn Partnerships in Innovative Education (the Kilburn PIE) continues to raise awareness of dementia for community groups, nonclinical staff in GP practices. Local care/nursing homes are now also receiving training.

Active Neighbourhood Watch groups in the area are:

  • Chatsworth Road from Mapesbury Road to Deerhurst Rd (including Deerhurst Rd & Coverdale). Coordinator
  • Chatsworth Road from Deerhurst Rd to Lydford Road. Coordinators -Ursula Mitchell (020 8459 3718), Ann Deedat.
  • St Gabriel’s Road (south). Lydford Road to Exeter Road. Coordinator – Ulla Thiessen Ullathiessen@Googlemail.Com
  • Dartmouth Road (mid). Mapesbury Road to Lydford Road – dartmouthwatch@gmail.com; Coordinators – Heather Smith, Sue Boucher.
  • Blenheim Gardens, Stanley Gardens and Grosvenor Gardens. Joint Co-ordinators: Natasha Harris, Anne Lane, blenheim.watch@yahoo.co.uk

For other information contact info@mapra.org.uk