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Pavement petition

(Objection to asphalt tarmac pavements and request to maintain and refurbish existing paving slabs in Clifford Gardens and other potential conservation areas or streets in Brent of historical architectural significance). Petition link.  Several members and committee members feel strongly about this and therefore bring to your attention. The petition closes today.

However, David Freedman, MapRA Chair, and I have not felt it appropriate for MapRA itself to support it:

  • It is up to local residents in each area to decide what they will accept for pavements. In Dartmouth Road, for example, a petition strongly supported paving rather than tarmac. However the Council would not, and claimed could not afford, a complete repaving of the road but are implementing what has been called ‘repair plus’. Although we agreed to that (confirmed by MapRA members in that no one objected to that decision), we may be being rather short-changed as this seems to be giving us little more than basic repair and usually using tarmac for repair. We will continue to press for a better ‘repair +’ treatment.
  • When asked to choose between wholesale replacement by tarmac or paving then it is clear that a vast majority of people will opt for paving. However, that is not the option we were offered last year, and if the choice were between what we are now getting in Dartmouth Road and what has been applied at Mowbray Road and Anson Road then the view might well be rather different.
  • The MapRA committee has been of the view that the most important thing is to make the pavements safe and as smooth as possible. We will continue to press for repair work where needed.
  • We do not feel it is appropriate to seek to mandate the Council for paving everywhere even in Conservation areas and believe that decisions should be made on a case by case basis. Paving is not universal in Mapesbury; even in the conservation area there are roads with stretches of tarmac.


Police tell us that a new text message scam has emerged recently, which claims to come from Royal Mail, asking the recipient to click on a link and enter personal and bank details and pay a fee in order to release/re-deliver their mail. You can visit the Royal Mail’s dedicated website for advice on most common frauds/scams and how to prevent yourself from falling victim to these.

Bike hangar break-ins

There have been break-ins to bike hangars in our area. I understand that Brent Council and Falco are working together to improve the security of bike hangars. However we would ask you to be extra vigilant at this time and to report any suspicious behaviour to the police. If you own a bike need to remind you of the importance of using high quality D locks to secure your bike, even within a hangar and to make sure that you have arranged insurance.

Reminder about reporting crime: Call 999 if any crime is happening now, the suspect is nearby or anyone is hurt or in danger. For other crime and antisocial behaviour:

Only use the SNT email address  for long term issues and finding out about the ward panel and community contact sessions.

Current local Planning applications

(For details search Brent Planning. New items in red)

  • App: 21/0872, 48 Keyes Road. Comments by  22 April. Single storey rear extension and extension of existing adjacent rear terrace.
  • App: 21/0714, 107B Cricklewood Broadway. Comments by 2 April. Proposed mansard roof extension and raising of height to existing chimney stacks to second floor flat.


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