Treasurer’s Report: MapRA Accounts for 2 years 1.1.19 – 31.12.20

This will highlight the main features:

Income and Expenditure Statement

Subscriptions in 2019 were up substantially on 2018 but down in 2020 as, in Covid year, little effort was made to get subscriptions (and with no AGM where some subscriptions are normally paid). Film and other donations were lower in 2019 and absent in 2020. Donations and AGM income were naturally much lower in 2020 as no AGM was held.

On the General Fund, total income at £1836 is some £600 lower than in 2019 and 2018.

In 2020 grants of £2700 were made to local charities helping people under Covid lockdown (£750 to Trussell Trust – the Brent foodbank, £750 to the Sufra foodbank, £1200 to Mapesbury Mutual Aid group). A further £300 was paid for planting for the four triangle gardens (And Brent ‘Love Where You Live’ charity donated a further £500 to the triangle garden project). Apart from this expenditure decreased by £1000 compared to 2019. Grants made in 2019 were made for Watling Gardens dementia garden (£100) and £200 for plants for the four triangle gardens.

On the open gardens account nearly £5000 was raised in 2019 and nearly £4000 net of expenses. Of this some £3200 has been allocated in grants – leaving the rest to be allocated later.

Balance sheet

Our net assets, at £5,356, are healthy, although some £1,800 lower than in 2019. The balance in our bank account has increased significantly, this is due to a grant of £8,000  from Brent Council for the Oliver Sacks mini-festival. This grant is shown as a loan in these accounts as, if the festival doesn’t happen, it will be repaid in 2021 (or possibly 2022).  If the grant is used, then it will appear as income in the relevant years.


In mid 2020 it became apparent that Jacob Sam no longer lived within MapRA’s area, and so was not eligible to be a member or serve on the Committee as our Treasurer. In July Jacob stood down and Alison Cossar took on the role on a temporary basis, but her work load has been increased immensely by her part in the COVID vaccine rollout and she resigned in January 2021.  I took over to look after the Association’s finances, and to prepare the accounts. The Committee is confident that there will be at least one nomination for Treasurer, for election at the AGM.

During the year the Committee has also reviewed the Association’s  internal controls, and has approved new financial procedures for both income and expenditure. In particular these procedures include clearer arrangements for authorising transactions, both payments by cheque and payments via online bank transfer.

Gerry Weston, Secretary, Acting as Treasurer. 8 April 2021


Mapesbury Residents’ Association Financial Statements as at 31/12/20
2020 2019 2018
Income and Expenditure for year to 31 Dec General Fund Open Garden Day General Fund Open Garden Day General Fund Open Garden Day
Subscriptions 1,550 1,772 1,048
Donations by film companies 350 700
Other donations & AGM Income 200 252 622
Annual report 80 105 120
Bank Interest 6 11 4
Open Garden Day income 4,938
1,836 2,490 4,938 2,494 – 
Annual report  & newsletters 206 217 284
AGM expenses 266 366
Internet expenses 2 230 290
Website devt 285
Environmental Meeting 394
Other expenses 259 275 279 262  
Brent For Trees 270 100
Other grants given 3,000 349 3,200 900
Open Garden Day expenses 862
3,752 –  1,607 4,341 2,595
C: NET SURPLUS / (DEFICIT) (A-B) (1,916) –  883 597.2 (102)  
D: OPENING BALANCES 6,294 978 5,411 381 5,513 381
E: CLOSING BALANCES (C+D) 4,378 978 6,294 978 5,411 381
F: TOTAL CLOSING RESERVES 5,356 7,272  5,792
Balance sheet as at 31 Dec   2020   2019   2,018
Cash at bank 15,384 9,812 7,547
Less: Subscriptions paid in advance for subsequent years (1,916) (2,540) (1,660)
Less: Money held for Oliver Sacks festival (8,000)
Less: Sundry creditors (112) (95)
H: NET ASSETS 5,356 7,272 5,792
Accounts prepared by Gerry Weston,  Acting  Treasurer  ………………………………….  8 April 2021
I have examined the accounts and records of the Association.

There are no matters that I wish to bring to the attention of the Members.

Simon Judge, Independent Examiner  ……………………………………………………  8 April 2021