Mapesbury Ward Panel meeting: Monday 28 October 2019. 6pm at Ashford Place

Present:  PC Edward Clements, PCSO Ajay Dhokia, Ranjiv Goonawardena, Marie Hancock, Niall Mcginley, Steve McCormack, Priscilla Muyunda, Carol Reeman, Gerry Weston (Chairman)

Apologies: Anne Birane, A/PS Anne Collyer, Vinay Kelly, Angela Payne, Natasha Harris, Anne Lane, Shaheen Mufti.

  1. Mapesbury SNT team members: Inspector Forster (covering 21 wards), A/PS Anne Collyer (covering Mapesbury, Dollis Hill and Kilburn), PC Edward Clements (Mapesbury Ward officer), PCSO Ajay Dhokia plus new PC Dhamen Khanna who will be with us for at least 2 years.
  2. Ward Crime Summary

Burglary. Down by 9 to 19; worst ward for Met; because lot of residential area. Stats affected by couple of repeat burglaries at one location. Expect rise at this time of year with darker nights. Burglary often to fund drugs. New initiative for 2 weeks “Autumn Nights” where there’ll be concentrated surveillance and increased patrols during the dark evenings to try to bear down on burglaries.

Motor Vehicle Crime. Bit up in September. Rather high in this area, because there are lots of blocks of flats with car parks, making it easier for thieves to check cars away from people’s houses  People still leaving valuables in car and / or leaving unlocked – especially in  car parks.

Drug Offences– Drug activity very low (1) in September. Large exercise in pipeline in Broadway. Problems because lots of mufti-occupancy (where people can shelter easily. Police working with Brent on HMO licences). Working on address in Chichele Road.

All crime (June 2019). Overall, down by 24 since last year. Violence against person 41 – includes domestic assaults. Sexual offences at WG tube. 1 person in prison 1 sectioned. Cranhurst road problem has been shut down. Note WG station covered by Willesden Green ward SNT.

Top 3 Most Reported Crimes (Feb 2019)

  • Residential Burglary (18 reported incidents) – reported above. Chichele Road is a hot spot
  • Harassment (17 reported incidents) – Often neighbour disputes (2 addresses in Chichele road are problem). Langton Road problem raised by Carol. Police have spoken to and advised wife to go to police station to report.
  • Assault without injury (16 reported incidents) – mainly pushing, punching and spitting. Curious hot spot at Cranhurst Road / Melrose Avenue. Maybe error in reporting.

SNT capacity: The presence of our police team on the ward is often curtailed by them needing to be on duty at big events in other parts of London. For example, they were pulled away for duty at the Notting Hill Carnival and at Brexit and Extinction Rebellion marches/demonstrations in central London.

  1. Team Activity.
  • Misuse of Drugs Act warrant was executed on address in Sylvan Grove. Though nothing found.
  • Working with private landlords in relation to crack dens and properties that cause ASB mainly around Chichele Road.
  • After foot chase male who has been wanted for 6 months for burglaries, was arrested near the Broadway.
  • Male wanted involved in drug supply and burglaries also arrested.
  • Issues around Slade Court with youths using drugs on stairwell. On-going work with Brent Council. Despite concerns raised by resident most voted against security doors.
  • Issues of people congregating in the car park off Oman Avenue. Lights (removed for works) will be re-installed to make the area more visible.
  1. Other Business
  • Drug dealing in Rusper Close. Police have plan of action.
  • House in St Gabriel’s Road back in occupation but with on-site monitoring.
  • The NW2 Residents Association is organising an event for young teenagers in Rainbow Park (near Temple Road) on 10 November from 10am to 1pm. This is in response to local teenagers saying they’re getting scared because there are too many drug dealers in the area. The police team said they’d make an appearance at the event if they could.
  • Problem house in Larch Road. House sold. Low police priority.
  • Alley off Anson at back of Broadway with drug dealing. Police aware and working on it.
  • Parking signs damaged at junction Sheldon / Anson. Issue for Council.
  • Joan in Anson reported smoke bomb through letterbox. Bit doubtful and hasn’t been raised. Police will check.
  • Rajiv assaulted by women in car when he queried her long stay outside his house. reported but car no not recognised (may be mis-recorded. No recurrence though.
  1. Communication summary
    999 for high level crime in progress.
    Use Crime-stoppers – 0800 555 111 – to anonymously submit crimes and incidents.

    Need people to be specific in reporting addresses / vehicles – not helpful to say just street name.  Make sure add details of address when reporting
    SNT online – Email to SNT is the best form of contact:

    To report various crimes as well as anti-social behaviour can be done online at Put as much detail as possible when reporting ASB or crime online and the exact circumstances and location.

  1. SNT Priorities for next 3 months. Retained as:
  • Burglary
  • Motor Vehicle crime
  • Anti-Social Behaviour / Drugs

Next meeting:  17 Feb – 6pm at Ashford Place.