Mapesbury Ward Panel Microsoft Teams meeting: Tuesday 11 February 2021. 6:00pm

(Hosted by Sgt Anne Collyer)


Sgt Anne Collyer, PCSO Ajay Dhokia, PC Claire Leach, PC Kieran Owen, PC James Crowley, Cllr Lia Colacicco, Cllr Ahmad Shahzad, Marie Hancock, Carol Reeman, Danny Maher, Sally Long, Shaheen Mufti, Danna Gutteridge, Paul Durban, Setareh Moini, Ranjiv Goonawardena, Steve Mccormack, Jacob Sam, Stephen Maclean, Chris Rouffaert, Steve Iliffe, Noah Okunromade (Brent Council), Raakesh Shah (Brent Council), Gerry Weston, Angela Payne (Chair)

The Chair, in line with security and confidentiality issues, reminded member that as the ward panel meeting is virtual, sensitive information cannot be disclosed. We do not know if the meeting is being recorded or anyone else listening who may have a different motive.

  1. Apologies: Emma Liberman, Cllr Tariq Dar
  1. Angela confirmed membership of the Ward Panel and welcomed new members: Emma Liberman (St Gabriels), Stephen Maclean (Cricklewood Baptist Church) and Chris Rouffaert (Willesden Scouts, Anson Road). It was important to have as representative a panel as possible to ensure activity across the community can feed into the Mapesbury SNT.

The Ward Panel congratulated Sgt Anne Collyer on her promotion.

  1. The Mapesbury Ward Panel approved the notes of the last online meeting that took place on Tuesday 10 November 2020.


  1. Matters Arising from Notes that are not on the agenda.

Item 8. AOB Cricklewood Town Team discussed the issue of the Signal Assisted pedestrian crossing at the top of Chichele Road with Brent Highways. This has now been referred to the Lead for Regeneration. Copy of the email will be forwarded to Ajay. Lia confirmed she had raised this matter recently with TfL, who are responsible for the A5.

  1. SNT Feedback on Crime stats from October to December 2020

Mapesbury SNT team members: A/Inspector Yu Zhang (covering 21 wards), Sgt Anne Collyer (covering Mapesbury, Dollis Hill and Kilburn), PC Claire Leach, PC Kieran Owen (joined the SNT on 08.02.2021 and on rotation for 6 months), PC James Crowley (until March 2021), PCSO Ajay Dhokia

Ward Crime Summary provided by Ajay and circulated to members prior to meeting.

Burglary. There has been a significant reduction due to people staying home during lockdown. Residential burglaries have often been due to windows being left open for example. He also advised that Smart door bell video clips can be sent as a link to

  • 10 incidents documented.
  • Miscellaneous Theft. 11 incidents covering perpetrators keeping lost property and other theft, residential theft by guests and theft of electricity (i.e. Running a line from an adjacent flat).

SNT by email, who can follow through to inform other incidents in the area. However if a crime has been committed to use 101.

Motor Vehicle Crime. Another reduction since the end of 2019. Theft from vehicles are mostly due to items being left on display. Modern vehicles using fobs face the dangers of remote hacking – Ajay encourages purchase of RFID wallets for keys/fobs and not leave the car keys near to their front door.

Drug Offences/Anti Social Behaviour. An increase from last year. Arrests reveal items found on person were for personal use and not for dealing.

Top 3 Most Reported Crimes in December 2020

Assault without Injury. 10 incidents, mainly centred on the Cricklewood Broadway and some residential locations. These usually involved:

6/7Team Activity/ Recent initiatives

  • SNT have been working with Trading Standards and Brent Council under lockdown 3 Covid restrictions. A number of fines have been issued along with warnings to individuals and premises.
  • Due to the recent increase of violence within the BCU, the team have been abstracted to conduct patrols in areas where the violence has caused serious injuries. A lot of work is going on. Ajay highlighted that it will be a challenge to immediately respond to all emails.
  • The Fugitive Team are constantly around Cricklewood to identify and arrest wanted criminals. The VSU (Violent Suppression Unit) continue to patrol the ward in unmarked vehicles where they identified a number of drug dealers and individuals carrying offensive weapons. Ajay reassured the Panel that a number of arrests have taken place and the team has been active to reduce incidents.
  • SNT monitor the daily crimes within the ward. Of note there has been a significant reduction of residential burglaries across the ward. This is due to most people working from home where the property is always occupied.
  • Officers have identified that motor vehicle crime has been on the decrease. However, this has started to increase again due to more people working from home where burglaries are not occurring. Residents are reminded not to leave any belongings in vehicles that are viewable from outside. Ajay mentioned how drug users unable to access properties will be inclined to obtain resources from vehicles.
  • Windmill Court – Ajay reassured that issues have been resolved there.
  • Watling Gardens – Ajay advised that the gate has been locked off. Stairwell loiterers are being monitored.
  • Slade Court – Ajay confirmed that there are no further issues following dispersal orders.
  1. Issues raised by the ward
  • Raakesh encouraged the use of the Noise App** and requested feedback from users and direct emails.
  • Ongoing issue of people using (blocked off) gym equipment in Gladstone Park – Ajay encouraged residents to report to Brent Council or the park team. Raakesh (Brent Council) aware of the situation (gym use during lockdown/Covid breach) and there was monitoring on-going in the Park. Raakesh highlighted issue of neighbourhood patrols not taking place at the time. Ahmad mentioned how despite the lock on the gate (small park gym area), people are still using the facilities. Noah suggested that the police get involved as it is a Covid breach. Anne suggested Brent Council fence off the area. It was noted that there are persistent individuals who are inclined to scale walls/fencing, for example the tennis court area. Noah encouraged people to email if Covid guidelines are breached***
  • Speeding issues on Olive Road had reduced with the local LCNs in place. Ajay confirmed the issue should be flagged with Brent Council. Ranjiv – Raised social distancing issues with the vegetable shop (Barnet side) on Cricklewood Broadway with the Barnet team/Childs Hill SNT. Anne agreed to follow up again and with Barnet licensing.
  • Windmill Court: Brief appearance and steady flow of ‘high-end vehicles’ entering the area. Advised by Ajay to email the police team with car models and number plates. Noah to pass onto the Brent council team regarding improving the lighting for the basement area. Ajay to monitor.
  • Concern was raised over domestic violence in the ward. Anne stated that there has been an increase; but the SNTs do not deal with these issues as there is a specialist unit. Noah shared resources on dealing with domestic violence in Brent****: Telephone: 07398 454898.Email:
  • Ranjiv raised the issue of tree cutters damaging wooden panels in Blenheim Gardens. Raakesh instructed Ranjiv to contact the contractors directly to deal with damaged property as a third party (in this case Brent council officers) cannot pass contact details on. The contractors have been advised of the situation.
  • Issues raised regarding the local beggars in Willesden area outside Sainsburys, who were very familiar faces. Anne mentioned how St Mungo’s and others were going to have a joint initiative to resolve the issue. However, this was halted due to Covid. Hopefully this work will restart. Noah advised that the begging project would restart at the end of March. Willesden SNT were working with Brent Officers on this

Feedback from Community Contact sessions a. Setareh highlighted success of the community contact session for Sylvan Grove.

The Community Contact sessions which would have had neighbours involved with an issue meeting at the police station now continue online.

Paul is finalising a date with Ajay for the Anson Road session.

   10. Mayor of London’s Action Plan on Transparency, Accountability and Trust in Policing.

A copy of the plan had been circulated to the Ward Panel on 20 November. Ward Panel chairs will attend a meeting with the NW BCU – who is keen to open dialogue and work collaboratively with the community. Any comments that members wish me to raise at that meeting, please email Angela.

    11.  SNT Priorities.

The following 3 priorities were discussed and agreed for the next 3 months.

  • Burglary
  • Motor Vehicle crime
  • Anti-Social Behaviour / Drugs
  • Any Other Business

Information about the recent stabbing in Kilburn area had been circulated to members including the witness appeal and how to report any information that would be of help to the inquiry. There would be a re-staging of the event on Saturday afternoon with the Mapesbury SNT involved.

  1. Next meeting: May 2021. Date TBA.

Communication summary

  • 999 for high level crime in progress.
  • Use Crime-stoppers – 0800 555 111 – to anonymously submit crimes and incidents.
  • Need people to be specific in reporting addresses / vehicles – not helpful to say just street name. Make sure add details of address when reporting
  • SNT online – Email to SNT is the best form of contact:
  • To report various crimes as well as anti-social behaviour can be done online at Put as much detail as possible when reporting ASB or crime online and the exact circumstances and location.
  • **Noise App link: If residents have not had a reply, e-mail Raakesh Shah ( ) and he will attempt to get a response.
  • ***Social distancing issues can be reported to the Council directly to Brent’s Community Safety team on 020 8937 1058 or emailing